Wings for Life World Run Breda

 EndParalysis foundation @ Wings for Life World Run Breda!

Written by Corinne Jeanmaire,  May 2017. Edited by Beverley Saunders.

Wings for Life World Run Breda: will you be joining us in May 2018?

On 7 May 2017, The Wings for Life World Run took place in several countries around the world. In Breda the Dutch Foundation, endParalysis, participated in order to support research towards curing spinal cord injury.

Together we are stronger against paralysis!  And what’s more,  it’s ​also a ​really fun event!​ Would you like to participate in the extraordinary ​Wings for Life World Run next year (6 May 2018 – Breda) with an endParalysis team? ​If the answer is yes, pl​ease contact us here.​”


Wings for Life World Run Breda: for & WITH people suffering from spinal cord injury!

As promised last year, endParalysis participated in the fantastic Wings for Life World Run last week-end. It felt perfectly normal to participate in this very special, inclusive event, where both runners and wheelers may run and contribute to spinal cord injury research. We joined the team of Maaike van Den Berg and wore a “Zorg van de Zaak” T-shirt. For every pink T-shirt worn, Zorg Van de Zaak contributed 100 Euros extra to research.

​ We managed to run/wheel for 7 km before the Catcher Car “caught” us (feature picture). We promise to do better next year!​


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