We are in the finals!

Will Elan Musk's Neuralink cure paralysis?

Medische Inspirator challenge: we made it to the finals!

As indicated in our June 2015 newsletter, we are currently involved in an exciting competition with the chance to win €50,000. It’s called “Medische Inspirator” and is organized by the Dutch organization ZON-Mw to promote cooperation between researchers and patients.

Click on “cc” on the vimeo reader bar to select the English sub-titles. 

Credits: Ernst ter Horst – www.ernstmedia.nl

This is the video that we made to illustrate our “Medische Inspirator” project, and which was part of our application. EndParalysis joined the competition along with Prof. Verhaagen (Neuroscience Institute, Amsterdam) featuring our cooperation on the Chondroitinase project.

We have just been informed that we made it to the third and final round of the competition!  So, we are one of the three finalists still having a chance of winning € 50,000 for our research project!

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