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  1. Laure’s Unfreeze challenge: learn Spanish in 90 days !!!

    Mon défi dans le cadre du programme Unfreeze de la fondation endParalysis : apprendre l'espagnol en 90 jours ! My Unfreeze challenge to support the endParalysis foundation: learn Spanish in 90 days!
    €550 donated of €500 goal

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  2. Dance with us in Paris

    Dance in Paris "esplanade du Trocadéro" on 26th of December 2016 @ 8:00 pm
    €520 donated of €1.000 goal

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  3. Emre’s Unfreeze challenge: Lose 7kg without losing muscle mass & drop <15% bodyfat!

    Lets see if this works ? I need to lose 7kg without losing muscle mass and drop below <15% body fat. "Experts" have told me the way to do it and I'm willing to try. I'll update this throughout the weeks so you can see my progress!
    €410 donated of €300 goal

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  4. Mayra’s Unfreeze challenge: Meditate and bike!

    For a long time already, I have been willing to create a routine to meditate. I have experienced all the benefits of meditation like quieting my mind (from the outside noise), observing and understanding my deeper feelings and finding inner peace. I know meditation can help me enjoy my present life more. So, I’ll work hard to create this routine in three months. Because body and mind are much interlinked, I also plan to bike and to invite friends to bike with me! Please support me through donations to the endParalysis foundation (Donate button below). 100% of your donations go to research to cure spinal cord injury. Thanks!
    €370 donated of €300 goal
  5. Eric’s Unfreeze challenge: je veux m’alléger !

    Les années passent et on se sent de plus en plus lourd, de tous points de vue. Il est temps pour moi de me bouger et de m'alléger d'une dizaine de kg. J'ai voulu me lancer ce défi souvent, très souvent... Mais je n'ai jamais réussi à continuer. Alors, pour m'aider à tenir, je prends le défi Unfreeze avec la fondation endParalysis et invite mes amis à me soutenir par leurs dons! Une idée : qui versera quelques euros pour chaque kilo que je perds ( cliquez sur bouton Donate pour donner à la fondation) ? Cela serait un fantastique encouragement !
    €300 donated of €500 goal
  6. Isabelle’s challenge: creating by sewing/ créer par la couture

    I want to start using the sewing machine (a family heritage) that is lying in the house for years already. Reading some blogs from people showing you examples of their own creation, I am getting inspired. So far, however, I never managed to start, as if I was afraid of that machine! Now, I have decided to take up the challenge, to Unfreeze my mind and raise funds for research to cure spinal cord injury! Please encourage me through your donations to endParalysis foundation (donate button below)! Thanks!
    €250 donated of €500 goal

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  7. Corinne’s Unfreeze challenge

    Welcome to my "Unfreeze Your Body" Challenge! This picture is real, it is me, "walking" on the Van Gogh cycling path... Before the beginning of my Unfreeze challenge, I felt more "paralyzed" than I should...That's exactly why I wanted to stretch my limits! I just didn't want to be glued to my chair anymore. I knew that I needed to move, use my whole body, including my legs, even if it's only on a therapeutic basis. My target: do therapeutic walking again and move my body about four hours per week. Want to encourage me? Please click on Donate below. All funds go to research to cure spinal cord injury via the endParalysis foundation. Thanks!
    €15.746 donated of €10.000 goal

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  8. Sharon’s challenge: 4 Daagse to Unfreeze my body!

    This challenge has not started yet. Page under construction- Het is besloten: in 2017 ga de 4 Daagse lopen. Dat was al lang mij ambitie maar is nooit werkelijkheid geworden. Deze keer wel!. Daarvoor moet ik hard trainen en heb ik je ondersteuning nodig. Jullie kunnen mij ondersteunen door een donatie aan de stichting endParalysis (zie Donate knopjes beneden). Bij voorbaat dank!
    €0 donated of €500 goal

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