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Will Elan Musk's Neuralink cure paralysis?
Thanks to Van Hooff Intern Transport, our new sponsor!

Does an internal transportation company have anything in common with the EndParalysis Foundation? Yes, it does! Van Hooff Intern Transport’s motto is: “Samen denken, samen doen”/ “think together, act together.”  This is precisely what we want to achieve at EndParalysis: work in teams to challenge the status-quo together… move research forward to get one step closer to curing paralysis after spinal cord injury!

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Van Hooff Intern Transport’s decision to support the EndParalysis Foundation was borne from a great serendipity moment shared with the company’s General Manager, Jan-Jaap Wiersma, during which he lent a very attentive ear to the foundation’s story and challenge. Some of Van Hooff Intern Transport’s key values are to carefully listen to its clients’ needs as well as maintaining a working environment where employees feel involved, co-operate, learn and help each other. Sponsoring the EndParalysis Foundation is definitely in line with those values!

We thank Van Hooff Intern Transport for their generous donation and look forward to our collaboration!

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