Thank you Fifty-one International North of France

Will Elan Musk's Neuralink cure paralysis?
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Thank you Fifty-one International North of France.                               Version française: cliquez ici.

The Fifty-One International Club of the North of France ( extended an invitation to the founder and president of the endParalysis foundation for a second visit to provide a presentation which pinpointed the challenges of spinal cord injury research and described the foundation’s progress. The evening proceeded in a sphere of friendship and sharing, once again illustrating and reinforcing the philosophies of the Fifty-One International Club.


At the end of the evening, the treasurer of Fifty-International Dunkerque handed a cheque for Euro 500 to Corinne Jeanmaire for the support of spinal cord injury research. Their contribution will be allocated, for the full 100%, to research to cure paralysis. Many thanks to the Fifty-One International Club of Dunkerque and of the North of France for their support!


In 2015, the foundation was sponsored by the Fifty-One International Club of Cambrai with a Euro 300 cheque.  This meeting received media attention in various regional newspapers. See here

Thank you Fifty-one International North of France

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