J. Verhaagen Ph.D
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Joost Verhaagen was trained in molecular biology, obtained a Ph.D. from the faculty of Medicine at the University of Utrecht, received post-doctoral training in the laboratory of Chemosensory Neurobiology (Nutley, USA, headed by Frank Margolis), and was a visiting scientist in the Laboratory of Neuro¬biology and Behavior (New York, USA, headed by Donald Pfaff). He founded and heads the Laboratory for Neuroregeneration at the NIN and is strategic professor in the Molecular Biology of Neuroregeneration at the VU. He has published over 170 peer reviewed papers and received prestigious national and international research funding, including a KNAW-fellowship, NWO-pioneer fellowship, NWO-TOP, SenterNovem, Top Institute Pharma and ISRT grants. He has been the 2004 – Raine visiting professor at the University of Western Australia in Perth. He is an expert in the neurobiology of neural injury and in gene therapy. His laboratory studies anatomical and functional plasticity in the injured and intact central and peripheral nervous system with a focus on the role of transcription factors and chemorepulsive proteins. He has recently also included work on neurodegeneration and plasticity in Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. His research is relevant to advance our understanding of how neurons survive injury and form and maintain new functional connections after injury. Verhaagen has supervised 21 Ph.D. students many of whom pursued a career in (neuro)science and are now successfully running their own laboratory or are employed in leading positions in biotechology companies.

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