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Please fill in the below form and beware:

  • YOUR UNFREEZE TARGET: Choose a challenge including, if possible, a quantifiable or visible target (e.g. a number of kms/ kgs, a destination, a skill to be learn), as well as a number of days (between 30 and 120 days). Include your Unfreeze target in the field “campaign short description” and “campaign description in the form below.
  • YOUR FUNDRAISING GOAL (€): Decide on a challenging but attainable fundraising target.  All funds donated by your friends will go directly to endParalysis foundation and will be allocated for 100% to spinal cord injury research. Don’t forget to mention that on your personal page!
  • MAKE IT PERSONAL AND INSPIRING: Fill-in the form below. Describe your challenge in a personal way. Include an inspiring picture (see button “feature image” under the text). Should you want to include additional pictures in your page, please send them to and we will add them for you.
  • PUBLISH & SHARE YOUR CHALLENGE : Click on “submit campaign” at the bottom of the screen. You will then receive the link of your personal campaign page per email (Please do check your spam/junk box as it might end up there). You can also find your campaign by clicking on “My challenge(s)” in the above menu. Share the campaign using all channels, e.g. through all social media or email and ask your friends for encouragement through donations. 
  • JUST DO IT! Your friends will give you the energy to start and even more importantly, they will make sure you don’t give up! There will be no escape for you then and you will meet your personal UNFREEZE target! Keep your supporters updated about your progress (e.g. update your personal challenge page with some text and/or send us pictures or other media showing your progress and we will add them to your page for you). It will show your friends that you are sticking to your commitment!.

Should you need any support to create your personal page, please do not hesitate to contact us at
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