Set up your own challenge page

SETTING UP YOUR CHALLENGE/ FUNDRAISING PAGE :We currently do not offer the possibility for you to make your own page yourself for we unfortunately had to disactivate this function because of uncontrolable spam and bots. However, we invite you to send us the following information per email ( and will happily create a beautiful fundraising page for you:

  • Yourself and your Unfreeze! target/ challenge: Tell us a few things about yourself and describe your challenge including, if possible, a quantifiable or visible target (e.g. a number of kms to run, kilos to loose, number of cigarettes or drinks you will have to miss, a destination to be travelled, a skill to be learned, a change to be introduced in your life, a new activity, a new mindset, a new life/ a dream you so far never dared talk about), Please provide a short description of your challenge, your motivation, etc…
  • Your fundraising goal (€): Decide on a challenging but attainable fundraising target.  All funds donated by your friends will go directly to endParalysis foundation and will be allocated for 100% to research towards curing chronic spinal cord injury. 
  • Personal and/or inspiring pictures: Please send us a few inspiring / and or personal pictures that could be included in your page and illustrate your challenge

PUBLISHING & SHARING YOUR CHALLENGE : We will make a concept page for you and send it to you for validation. When all is ready, you will be able to share your challenge page with your friends by email/ or on any social media, inviting them to support your challenge through a donation to the foundation. Your friends can then directly donate, online, via your personal page and 100% of their donation will be dedicated to research to cure paralysis / chronic spinal cord injury recovery

JUST DO IT! Your friends will give you the energy to start and even more importantly, they will make sure you don’t give up! There will be no escape for you then and you will meet your personal UNFREEZE target! We will also keep supporters updated about your progress (e.g. update your personal challenge page with some text and/or pictures or other media showing your progress). It will show your friends that you are sticking to your commitment!