Partnership with ALARME

Partnering to accelerate research to cure spinal cord injury

The Endparalysis Foundation is happy to announce a partnership with the ALARME Association. ANotre-forum-2LARME is a French organization ( dedicated to supporting spinal cord injury research. It also provides excellent information about regenerative spinal research and the current clinical trials / treatment options through its forum and is a trustful and comprehensive resource for all people affected with paralysis in France or other French-speaking countries. Furthermore, it raises funds through various members’ activities and co-finances research projects in order to accelerate the path to cure of spinal cord injury.

The partnership between ALARME and Endparalysis Foundation will mainly consist in joint fundraising activity dedicated to co-finance the international research projects as selected by Endparalysis. It will also enable the French supporters of Endparalysis to contribute to those projects by making their donations through the Alarme Foundation in France.

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