Le Club Hifi Leiden soutient la fondation endParalysis

Will Elan Musk's Neuralink cure paralysis?


Le Club Hifi Leiden danse pour ceux qui ne le peuvent plus!

Corinne Jeanmaire – 10 juin 2017. 

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You may argue that dancing is still very much possible even though you are in a wheelchair.  Sure, Wheelchair Dancing can be a way for us to express ourselves, perhaps just as much as dancing on one’s own two feet.  However, not everybody likes it and I’ll wager a bet quite a few people suffering from a spinal cord injury really miss cutting it loose on the dance floor every now and then.


Club Hifi Leiden dancing for spinal cord injury research!

Club Hifi Leiden supports endParalysis foundationOn Tuesday 13th of June, Club Hifi Leiden is organizing an evening for a special cause. They have chosen to support the endParalysis foundation.  All profits from the evening/night will go to endParalysis and thus to research into curing chronic spinal cord injury.  We are extremely happy with their choice and donation. Extra funding is badly needed to accelerate research into finding a treatment for spinal cord injury.

Club Hifi Leiden supports endParalysis foundation

Spinal cord injury awareness. 

Young people are particularly at risk of suffering a spinal cord injury.  Severe spinal cord injuries can be sustained by taking a presumably safe dive into the sea, or by falls during other sports such as skiing or motor-crossing.  But you don’t need to do an extreme sport to become paralyzed.  It can happen to anybody: as a result of a car or motor accident; as a consequence of a disease or even after unsuccessful, crippling back surgery.

It can happen to anybody, anytime, anywhere. However, …


lub Hifi Leiden supports endParalysis foundation

Club Hifi Leiden supports endParalysis foundation

So we urge everyone to keep safe by avoiding dangerous behavior, while continuing to EXPERIENCE AND ENJOY LIFE, OF COURSE!


Take a dance for those who can’t in support of endParalysis at the Club Hifi Leiden on June 13th!


Should you also want to support the endParalysis foundation through an event, a sponsor, or take a fundraising « Unfreeze challenge » to fight paralysis, please feel free to contact us. And don’t forget the integrality (100%) of the funds you / we collect go to research projects to cure chronic spinal cord injury!

Thank you!



Club-hifi Leiden supports endParalysis foundation 

Club Hifi Leiden supports endParalysis foundation

Feature picture by  Club-Hifi Leiden. 

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