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Our annual reports

  • 2022 annual report: click here (EN) – hier (NL)
  • 2021 annual report: click here (EN) – hier (NL) – hier (NL -ANBI-publicatieplicht) – ici (FR)
  • 2020 annual report: click here (EN) – hier (NL) – ici (FR)
  • 2019 annual report: click here (EN) – hier (NL) – ici (FR)
  • 2018 annual report: click here (EN) – hier (NL) – ici (FR)
  • 2017 annual report: click here (EN) – hier (NL) – ici (FR)
  • 2016 annual report: click here (EN) – hier (NL) – ici (FR)
  • 2015 annual report: click here (EN) – hier (NL) – ici (FR)
  • 2014 first financial report (6 months only): click here.

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Latest foundation news

These are only a few blog articles and archives written about the developments @ endParalysis, and/or about spinal cord injury research. To stay informed about key research development in the field of curative chronic SCI research, make sure to check our very latest Research overview in our About Research pages.  To know more about the projects that we fund and their outcome, please read our latest annual report and consult “Our research funding” page. Thank you! 


Thank you Ribo-tas!

Big thanks to Ribo-tas for sponsoring Endparalysis! RiBo-tas is a small, one-person enterprise, making bags that are adjusted to wheelchairs and make it much easier for somebody in a wheelchair to grab their belongings or mobile phone. The bags are carefully measured...

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Our ambassador
Our ambassador

Thank you Thierry Schmitter! Corinne Jeanmaire recently met Thierry Schmitter, Endparalysis foundation' ambassador, to inform him about the foundation's progress and agree on joint actions.  Thierry is paraplegic. He went...

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AD Oct. 2014

[vc_row][vc_column width="2/3"][vc_column_text]Endparalysis foundation about BBC breaking news "Paralysed man walks again after cell treatment" October 2014. Corinne Jeanmaire was recently interviewed by the Dutch newspaper AD...

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ANBI tax deduction

Donate to Endparalysis.org and get money back!    The Endparalysis foundation just received a letter from the Dutch tax department confirming its ANBI Status. The ANBI status (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling) implies that the people donating to the foundation...

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Partnership with ALARME

Partnering to accelerate research to cure spinal cord injury The Endparalysis Foundation is happy to announce a partnership with the ALARME Association. ALARME is a French organization (www.alarme.asso.fr) dedicated to supporting spinal cord injury research. It also...

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Endparalysis at ISCOS conference

ISCOS 2014 The Endparalysis Foundation recently participated in a global scientific conference regarding spinal cord injury (SCI). The International Spinal Cord Society (ISCOS) annual scientific meeting took place in Maastricht, Netherlands, September 2-4th, 2014....

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European partnership

European research advocacy to cure spinal cord injury The Endparalysis Foundation just entered a partnership with the European Spinal Cord Injury Federation (www.ESCIF.org). The proposal for partnership was officially approved...

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ED July 2014

Corinne Jeanmaire, the founder of Endparalysis foundation, was interviewed by the Eindhoven's Dagblad (Dutch newspaper) about the launch of the new foundation supporting spinal cord injury research.

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Foundation launch

Endparalysis Foundation: a good start! .../... Officially launched!  The Endparalysis Foundation was officially launched on June 27th, 2014, in the Netherlands. A room full of people with various background and interests were all...

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