We are a transparent non-profit Spinal Cord Injury research foundation, working towards curing spinal cord injury. On this page you can find all our annual reports:


  • 2019 annual report: click here (English) – hier (Nederlandse vertaling) – ici (Français)
  • 2018 annual report: click here (English) – hier (Nederlandse vertaling) – ici (Français)
  • 2017 annual report: click here (English) – hier (Nederlandse vertaling) – ici (Français)
  • 2016 annual report: click here (English) – hier (Nederlandse vertaling) – ici (Français)
  • 2015 annual report: click here (English) – hier (Nederlandse vertaling) – ici (French)
  • 2014 financial report (6 months only): click here.

research for spinal cord injury treatment: EndParalysis foundation raises funds to support research to find therapies treating paralysis after spinal injury