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New donation from Fifty-One International Nord de la France

Edited by: Beverley Saunders 
March 2017: During their last General Assembly, the Fifty-One of the North of France again demonstrated their support to endParalysis foundation. Fifty-One International, just as endParalysis foundation, advocates co-operation across borders.  The Social Club was originally founded in Belgium to help the least fortunate in our society and has since expanded to various European countries.  Fifty-One International will be celebrating their 51st Anniversary this year.


Young generations

Officially since 2016, the European Fifty-One International Club champions the rights of children in the broadest sense of the word.  By offering their assistance, the Club strives to defend and support this fragile and highly vulnerable group. We are happy and proud that Fifty-One International North of France has decided to renew its confidence in the endParalysis foundation.  Bear in mind that approximately 3 million people worldwide live with a spinal cord injury and that the majority were affected at a young age. The endParalysis foundation works to offer these young people a future without paralysis. After their General Assembly, organized by the Caudry Ladies Club, on March 9, 2017, a 800 Euro donation to endParalysis foundation was confirmed by Fifty-One International Nord de la France with the cooperation of the Fifty-One Cambrai club. This donation will be used, in its entirety, to finance research towards curing spinal cord injury.   Picture: From left to right: Présidente du club Caudry Ladies,  Jean Claude Benay (trésorier du Fifty-One Nord de la France),  Bernard Tison (Gouverneur du Fifty-One International Nord de la France du ),  Corinne Jeanmaire (president of the endParalysis foundation), Guy Panis (General Secretary Fifty-One International),  Yves Colpart (Président de Fifty-One Cambrai Avenir).
 Fifty-One International Nord de la France

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