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Will Elan Musk's Neuralink cure paralysis?
EndParalysis introduction to Fifty-One International
Corinne Jeanmaire, Founder and President of the endParalysis foundation recently went to France, her native country, to introduce  the foundation to the Fifty-one International club.
Fifty-One International is a service-club present in various European countries under which Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Germany. Its mission lies in Supporting social projects through friendship, respect and tolerance”.
The North of France club district invited Corinne Jeanmaire to give a conference regarding various aspects of paralysis after a spinal cord injury as well as the endParalysis vision and mission.
Forty-five members of that district were able to discover how a spinal cord injury occurs and how it affects lives. The life stories of very young patients were thus told on the basis of simple pictures. Those patients are affected at various levels of their bodies and live in various parts of the world, each dimension having various consequences on living with paralysis.
2015-04-24 00.12.03 2However the evening was also marked by optimism when Corinne explained the objectives of the endParalysis foundation as well as her willingness to look beyond, think “tall” and promote scientific cooperation beyond borders in order to give the younger generation of patients a chance for a future without paralysis.
The various representatives of the club were pleased and moved by the presentation. They promised their support to the endParalysis foundation. A first donation was made by Mr Jean Yves Colpart on behalf of  the Cambrai club, being the first of more to come within the district of the North of France.



Top: Mr Yves Colpart (President of Fifty-One Cambrai, Mr Bernard Tison (Governor of the Fifty-One North of France district)  and Corinne Jeanmaire.
Bottom: A first donation is made to endParalysis foundation by Mr Yves Colpart on behalf of de Fifty-One International Cambrai.


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