Corinne's "Unfreeze" Challenge: Paraplegic Yoga (EN)


Unfreeze Paraplegisch Yoga challenge


Breathe, “rise above”… This is the promise of yoga … also for people living with a spinal cord injury. Therefore, I am challenging myself to learn full-body paraplegic yoga and to practice it on a regular basis. Yoga courses for physically challenged people are rare and I am learning on my own, with the help of internet. My end goal is to post various pictures of yoga asanas (poses), and ultimately to make and share a video that will help others to get started.

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Yoga is challenging, especially if you are paralyzed! … but also a unique opportunity to reconcile with your entire body… and soul… It is known to be extremely beneficial to people living with SCI.

Through a donation, you can support me in realizing this challenge and help other people with SCI. As pledged 100% of your gift will go to goal-driven research to cure chronic spinal cord injury.

Your donation is eligible for Tax Refund in Europe. If you live in a European country other than the Netherlands though, please contact me via regarding your donation. Thanks for your support.

Photo credit: Yoga Kumar Eindhoven – It’s not me on the picture 🙂 I am not sure I will be able to do this asana! But it is worth trying

Will YOU take a challenge?

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I am starting from scratch and doing everything alone, from home. I have never practised yoga in my life. Therefore, before sharing any images illustrating my progress, I will take advise from Yoga Kumar studio to check whether it is reasonable to share such material. I would not like people to learn wrong postures!

Updates, photos and videos

I will regularly post update, photos and videos in this section for you to follow my progress. Bear with me, I am not there yet 🙂 Until then, thanks a lot for your support!


Paraplegic yoga

Photo: my home yoga “studio”

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