Welcome to my “Unfreeze Your Body” Challenge! Ok, this picture is a lie, it’s not me ūüėČ ……. I honestly feel a bit more “paralyzed” than I should these days…That’s exactly why I want to stretch (my limits)! Nothing extraordinary, no climbing of Mt Everest! No, I just don’t want to be glued to my chair anymore. I need to go back to some good old habits, move, use my whole body, including my legs, even if it’s only on a therapeutic basis. My target: start therapeutic walking again and move my body about four hours per week. Want to encourage me? Please click on Donate below. All funds go to research to cure spinal cord injury via the endParalysis foundation. Thanks!

Sept. 20th,  2016: The challenge has been going on for more than a month now!  Handbike: I made a lot of km with it (216-46=170 km over 5 weeks, i.e.34km per week).My handbike challenge target is met for the period!
Hometrainer: the counter reads 2214, which means 2214.1-2192.4 = 17.7km, i.e. 3.5km/week. I am not totally up to target because of two weeks out of home, with no possibility to train on the hometrainer, but I plan to catch up over the longer run.

Sept 19,  2016 : A walking session at the Eiffel tower! Quite a nice and lively environment for a workout! My walking performance was quite bad to say the truth. I was quite tired from traveling and therefore my posture is not good at all. Watch the short video below!

Challenge kick-off

August 15,  2016: Challenge kickoff. These are the counters of my handbike (46km) and hometrainer (2192.4 km) before starting the challenge.