Ademen, geaard zijn, “rise above”… Dit is de belofte van yoga… ook voor mensen met een dwarslaesie. Daarom daag ik mezelf uit om full-body paraplegische yoga te leren en het regelmatig te beoefenen. Yoga cursussen voor mensen met een fysieke beperking zijn zeldzaam en ik leer het op eigen houtje, met de hulp van internet. Mijn einddoel is om verschillende foto’s van yoga asanas (houdingen) te plaatsen, en uiteindelijk video’s te maken en te delen die anderen zal helpen om te beginnen.

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More over Corinne’s challenge: Yoga is challenging, especially if you are paralyzed! … but also a unique opportunity to reconcile with your entire body… and soul… It is known to be extremely beneficial to people living with SCI.

Through a donation, you can support me in realizing this challenge and help other people with SCI. As pledged 100% of your gift will go to goal-driven research to cure chronic spinal cord injury.

Your donation is eligible for Tax Refund in Europe. If you live in a European country other than the Netherlands though, please contact me via regarding your donation. Thanks for your support.


Yoga met lage dwarslaesie

BOW POSE by Corinne (an attempt…) in my home yoga “studio”. This pose is far from what it should be… mainly because of shortened muscles (after too much sitting).


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Yoga met lage dwarslaesie


Disclaimer: I am starting from scratch and doing everything alone, from home. I had never practised yoga  in my life. Therefore, the photos and videos shared on this page are merely an illustration of my progress, they are not showing a state-of-the-art practice, by far! Thank you to Yoga Kumar for inspiring me and showing me the way in 2019.


Updates, photos and videos: I will regularly post update, photos and videos in this section for you to follow my progress. Bear with me, I am not there yet 🙂 Until then, thanks a lot for your support!

UPDATE 2022: Corinne’s Unfreeze challenge: yoga for paraplegic is still going on and we are still raising money for research to cure chronic spinal cord injury/ paralysis. We will keep updating you in this page, though new pictures and videos.

Yoga met lage dwarslaesieYoga met lage dwarslaesie Yoga met lage dwarslaesieYoga met lage dwarslaesie

Yoga met lage dwarslaesie


Photos: May-Nov 2021 sessions in my home yoga