This is my "Unfreeze Your Mind" challenge: I will be travelling alone for 3 months around South East Asia. My goal is to unfreeze my mind, discover new cultures, be an ethical traveler, become more self-confident. I, as well, wish to challenge other women to travel alone because a woman should feel as free to travel as a man. Through this campaign, I am also raising funds for research into curing spinal cord injury. Will you support me through a donation to the endParalysis foundation?
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fundraising for spinal research foundation to cure spinal cord injury

More over Serena's Unfreeze! challenge

Are YOU up to a challenge?

My trip: I will live and cross the borders of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. I will stop for about a month in a small village of the Cambodian countryside working for a foundation, doing a volunteer program in support of children living in precarious conditions, with the aim of improving their living conditions and making them autonomous , free and self-sufficient, eliminating cultural, economic and social obstacles, namely the main objective of this extraordinary organization.

I will give update about my trip on a frequent basis in my Facebook and Instagram pages. To support me please hit the Donate button above. All funds collected go to vital research projects to cure spinal cord injury.


The endParalysis foundation has no paid staff and pays its own operational costs so that 100% of the donations received do go to research.  The foundation is very transparent and you can find their year report here.

The endParalysis foundation has an ANBI status which allows donors to obtain a tax refund in The Netherlands. A tax refund is also possible in other European countries, upon request.

fundraising for spinal research foundation to cure spinal cord injury

Updates and pictures

Before leaving… It is getting cold in The Netherlands. Time to Unfreeze!

My Unfreeze! time in wonderful Vietnam!

More Unfreeze! time in Cambodia, where I am volunteering for an NGO

More pictures: here.

fundraising for spinal research foundation to cure spinal cord injury

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