For a long time already, I have been willing to create a routine to meditate. I have experienced all the benefits of meditation like quieting my mind (from the outside noise), observing and understanding my deeper feelings and finding inner peace. I know meditation can help me enjoy my present life more. So, I’ll work hard to create this routine in three months. Because body and mind are much interlinked, I also plan to bike and to invite friends to bike with me! Please support me through donations to the endParalysis foundation (Donate button below). 100% of your donations go to research to cure spinal cord injury. Thanks!

123.33% atteint
€370 donated of €300 goal
3 contributeurs
La campagne est terminée

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1.Meditating : 

My target :
October (4 weeks) – 2 times /week meditation of 10 min.
November (5 weeks) – 3 times /week meditation of 15 min.
December (4 weeks) – 4 times /week meditation of 20 min.


2. Biking:  

My target
October  – 20 km in one go every weekend
November – 25 km in one go, every weekend
December  – 30km in one go, every weekend


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Frequent updates will be posted her. Watch this space! 

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October 3rd,  2016: Challenge kickoff. 

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