Donating without spending extra cash? That is possible by just using the following SponsorKliks page of endParalysis as a gateway every time you purchase something online. You pay exactly the same price for your purchases and the sponsoring website will donate a few € for each of those purchases. If hundreds of people would participate, rather large amounts could be netted at the end of each year!  Through that website, you can go to most well-known webshops, and buy almost everything:  electronics, clothing, flight bookings, food, hotel reservations and even your energy or telephone subscriptions. Thanks in advance for your support!


The procedure is very simple:

1. Go to the SponsorKliks page of endParalysis.
2. Select the webshop where you want to purchase something.
3. Click on “Bestel”  to go to the chosen webshop and continue with your purchase. You pay the “normal” price but a small % of your purchase is given to endParalysis by the webshop.

Remark: The website is in Dutch but it includes Dutch as well as international shops (eg.