The endParalysis foundation aims to accelerate research towards curing chronic spinal cord injury (SCI), by:
1 Fundraising to co-finance high-impact research projects
2 Promoting a global collaborative and goal-driven effort to identify and bridge the gaps to cure

We are a small, lean and agile non-profit organization relying on new collaborative models. Together with our partners, we will keep focusing on ONE SINGLE GOAL: help find a cure as soon as possible. Watch our video to learn more about the effects of spinal cord injury and the need for research: VIDEO: WHY END PARALYSIS? 

To give millions of patients worldwide a future without paralysis after a spinal cord injury. We are patient-driven. 100% of your donations go to research! … More

Our Unfreeze challenges give you the opportunity to energize your body or reinvent your life while helping us raise funding for spinal cord injury research … More

Spinal cord injury research update: See our 2021 overview describing the progress and prospects of spinal cord research to cure paralysis on a global basis  …  More

Accelerate research towards  spinal cord injury cure: The endParalysis foundation aims to accelerate research to cure / repair spinal cord injury.Spinal cord injury recovery / cure will become possible.